Do you have the people to grow?

MGAs hold a unique position in the market. Agents turn to you for your carrier relationships. Carriers covet your underwriting expertise. But your world is not without its challenges. The talent pool is tight, and it takes know-how to find professionals with the skills and experience that match your hiring needs.

Quality talent where you need it.

Whether your open position requires an experienced insurance professional or capable support staff, WAHVE’s insurance experts know how to source and qualify candidates that precisely match your job requirements.

People you can build your business on.

Moving at the speed of the market

The MGA market is moving fast. Windows of opportunity don’t stay open long. We cut the fastest path to the talent you need to keep your business running and capitalize on your “next big thing” – before your competitors do.

Finding the hard-to-find

In a tight labour market, it takes experience to find candidates with the skills you need to launch your next program or manage your agency relationships. Our sourcing and screening process delivers talent that checks all the boxes.

Maximizing your ROI

Whether it’s the cost of your job ads or your employee onboarding, you want the maximum return on your investment. We craft and place your ads for optimal response and present you with the candidates most likely to succeed.

With you from start to finish.

Whether your need is for a full-time employee or long-term contractor, WAHVE has options to help you find and qualify the best candidates for your open positions.

Contract Staffing

Work-at-Home Vintage Experts

We help you complete a job request that enables precise matching of candidates to your needs from our pool of vintage experts, and we facilitate onboarding and management throughout the engagement.

Experience the difference of working with WAHVE

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