Insurance experts where you need them.

Talent is leaving the insurance industry at an alarming rate. So, it’s harder to find the insurance professionals that fit your staffing needs. WAHVE has a solution that takes the time and stress out of landing your next great hire.

Reversing the talent drain.

WAHVE’s contract staffing model – Work-at-Home Vintage Experts –  flips the typical retirement paradigm on its head. We find industry professionals with decades of experience who have left the traditional workforce but want to remain engaged in long-term assignments. We call them “wahves”. They’re eager to share their skills and knowledge and ready to hit the ground running.

Removing your staffing burden.

WAHVE focuses exclusively on the insurance industry. Our staff members have extensive experience in the insurance industry. They understand your business and how to find the right vintage talent to meet your needs.

Quality Ensured

WAHVE’s qualifying specialists thoroughly assess each candidate so you can be assured their skills and experience will precisely match the requirements of the position.

Faster Time-to-Value

A remote workforce opens the entire country to your talent search. Our extensive pool of qualified wahve’s significantly reduces the time needed to find the perfect person for your specific requirements.

Cost Efficient

We save you the cost of countless hours of search. And our veteran contract talent comes at an hourly rate that’s more affordable than you might expect.

“We employ over a dozen wahves across the country and couldn’t be more pleased. Each of them work in a service role within our model, assisting multiple offices across our organization, not only in our Commercial Lines Division, but also in Claims and Policy Processing.”

Bettie D. Baggette

CIC, CRM, Director of Operations, Higginbotham

How WAHVE Works

1. Sourcing & Qualifying

Talent acquisition and qualifying experts continually scan the market for new candidates, adding to a growing pool of vintage experts that are ready when you need them.

2. Job Request

Contact us to discuss your staffing need. Email or call us to discuss your requirements with one of our recruitment specialists.

3. Talent Matching

A placement specialist further qualifies the wahves in our pool who best fit your requirements and sends you their resumes. You decide who to interview and who to hire.

4. Onboarding

You agree on work terms such as hours and length of the engagement with the candidate. We coordinate with your IT team to connect the talent with your systems and work with you to schedule training on your processes.

5. Delivery

Your wahve becomes a fully productive member of your staff almost immediately. They’re dedicated exclusively to your firm for the duration of the assignment and you are billed only for the hours they work.

Experience the difference of working with WAHVE

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